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Shows in our Area in 2023

Nottinghamshire Show - 13th May

Judge: Roger Birch    Entries Close: 30th March

South Suffolk Show - 14th May

Judge: Mike Shaw    Entries Close: 21st April

Hadleigh Show - 20th May

Judge: Joe Clark    Entries Close: 14th April

Hertfordshire Show - 27th & 28th May

Judge: Philip Vincent    Entries Close: 11th May

Suffolk Show - 31st May & 1st June

Judge: Boomer Birch    Entries Close: 14th April

Kenilworth Show - 3rd June

Judge: Isla Soutter (TBC)    Entries Close: 14th May

Rutland Show - 4th June

Judge: Helen Parr    Entries Close: 15th May

Lincolnshire Show - 21st & 22nd June

Judge: Hazel Timmis    Entries Close: 4th May

Royal Norfolk Show - 28th & 29th June

Judge: Twm Jones    Entries Close: 1st June

Ashby Show - 9th July

Judge: TBC    Entries Close: 13th June

Ashbourne Show - 19th August

Judge: No Hereford Classes

Leicester Show - TBA

Judge: TBA    Entries Close: TBA

Aylsham Show - 28th August

Judge: TBA    Entries Close: TBA

Bucks Show - 31st August

Judge: Pat Stanley (TBC)   Entries Close: 31st July

Henley-On-Thames Show - 9th September

Judge: Pete Cobley    Entries Close: 1st September

For information about our Points Trophies see our Competitions and Youth pages

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