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Benefits of membership,

if you are a Hereford Breeder or enthusiast based in Midlands and East Anglia you should join us because:

  • you can take part in our competitions, including our yearly herd competition, where bi-annually, the winning herd qualifies for the Hereford Cattle Society's National Herd Competition

  • there are many events where you can socialise and make contacts with fellow Hereford breeders and enthusiasts, along with trips, which have previously included Tullamore Show and herd visits in Ireland and Herning Show and herd visits in Denmark in organised conjunctions with the South of England Hereford Breeders' Association

  • there are opportunities to promote your herd, including advertising on the Midlands and East Anglia advert in the most important Hereford publication of the year - The Hereford Breed Journal, which is circulated to every Hereford Cattle Society member in the UK

  • you can have your say! Our area Hereford Cattle Society Council Members are very happy to be contacted direct, however our Annual General Meeting is the perfect place to find out what is being discussed by the Council, question Council Members, hear and discuss the views of Council Members and fellow breeders and put your own views forward

  • we are a active, friendly club with a vibrant youth section

Full membership costs £35, with Non-Breeding and Junior Membership costing £12.50 (under 18's free). To join us please contact our Secretary, Peter Moyes, using our contact page. We look forward to welcoming you!

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