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Competitions taking place in 2024

Stock Judging

Each year we hold a stock judging evening at one of our members herds. Members put 3 groups of 4 animals in order and are scored against the master judge. Whilst the points are being calculated a herd tour takes place followed by refreshments. This is a fun and sociable evening. The placings are then used to make teams for the National Hereford Stock Judging Competition held at the Royal Three Counties Show. 

Summer Show Points Trophies

Over the Summer, points are gained at eligible shows in our Area. At the end of the season the Paul Sapsed Trophy is awarded to the most successful animal and the Austin/Manning Trophy is awarded to the most successful animal from a herd of under 20 cows. 10 or more Herefords must be forward at the Show for points to be awarded. A maximum of 6 shows count. Click here for a list of eligible Shows. Winners must be paid up members of the Association.

The High Hedges trophy is awarded to the Midlands and East Anglia Young Handler of the Year - see the Youth page for more information. Winners must reside in the Midlands and East Anglia Area.

Herd Competition

Each year the Association holds a herd competition, which is usually judged by someone from a different cattle breed, and takes place in July. Once entries are received the herds are split into 3 equal sections - small, medium and large.

Bi-annually the overall winner goes forward to the Hereford Cattle Society National Herd Competition.

The following individual awards are also given:

JG Hollands Trophy, for the best herd
Geoffrey Lewis Trophy, for the best bull calf
Chadshunt Trophy, for the best heifer calf
MEAHBA Trophy, for the best cow suckling a calf
Michael Church Trophy, for the best heifer under 2 years
Mardleybury Trophy, for the best stock bull
Pulham Trophy, for the best bull under 30 months
Alvian Trophy, for the highest placed member who has joined within the last 3 years

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